Our Essentials eLearning modules instil the basic concepts of negotiation in an easy-to-use, step-by-step online format. Perfect as a PRIMER for less experienced negotiators or as a REFRESHER for people who have completed our V.A.N.S. or A.N.S. courses and as a REFERENCE resource in future negotiations.

A 10 Module eLearning course which will help your staff to understand the negotiating process, assist them to support the lead negotiators, manage their own personal negotiations and provide a resource to be consulted when an issue arises.

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今天被開了竅,緣於聽一位老大哥的分享。 這位老大哥打過交道的人包括江湖中各種傳說中的大佬。 他跟人聊天時特別喜歡問的一個問題是: “你的目標是什麼?”

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