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Published: Dec 03 , 2020
Author: Robi Li

今天被開了竅,緣於聽一位老大哥的分享。 這位老大哥打過交道的人包括江湖中各種傳說中的大佬。 他跟人聊天時特別喜歡問的一個問題是: “你的目標是什麼?”

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Published: Nov 19 , 2020
Author: David Liu

【編者:十分感謝Scotwork優秀校友代表、本文作者David Liu的投稿。David曾多次參加Scotwork的ANS(高級談判技巧)賦能培訓專案。他曾在電腦配件、通信設備公司工作了20多年,現已退休,目前在廣東定居,專注于兒童教育和垃圾分類等義工工作。下面是他在2020年春夏之際,運用專業談判技能購買公寓的過程記錄和分享。經作者授權,本文將用連載形式,分3-4次刊登完。本次發佈第一部分:購房前的資訊收集和談判準備】


Published: Nov 03 , 2020
Author:  David Bannister

My wife is currently involved as an executor in the finalising of an estate and recently this has involved the sale of a house. As you do, she engaged three estate agents to value the property and then chose one of them to act on behalf of her and the other executors involved. The estate agent selected had suggested the highest market price and been very optimistic about the prospects for a quick sale at a good return. The advertising of the house led to a lot of interest and nine viewings were quickly arranged. However, before any prospective buyers had looked at the house someone called the agent and offered the asking price over the phone and without visiting the house. This all happened just a few hours after I had asked, purely out of interest, what the executors would accept as a price for the house – they didn’t know, they were adopting a “wait and see” approach.

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今天被開了竅,緣於聽一位老大哥的分享。 這位老大哥打過交道的人包括江湖中各種傳說中的大佬。 他跟人聊天時特別喜歡問的一個問題是: “你的目標是什麼?”

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