Negotiation happens every day. It transcends most parts of business and has a material impact on an organisation’s top and bottom lines. But really how good are people at negotiating? We have surveyed over 5,000 executives, from 51 sector industries in 31 countries to find out. The results are somewhat alarming.

This report provides the world’s most comprehensive insight into the skills developed and tactics employed in business communities around the world to trade and bargain for benefit. Respondents vary from the C-Suite to sales directors, heads of procurement and category buyers.

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Price Increase??

I recently had a client seeking some advice on combating a price increase. He was dealing with a supplier who was raising his rates for their next contract. The justification was that the cost of materials as well as delivery & installation costs were increasing and therefore they had to pass the price along to him. Here’s what I advised him to do.

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